The Social Platform For Content Creators

CrowdUltra Enables Content Creators To:
  • • Create engaging experiences
  • • Enhance interaction beyond YouTube and social media comments
  • • Provide robust information and spotlight sponsors
  • • Easily sell merchandise
Learn how content creators can easily connect with their community using CrowdUltra, the only social platform tailored for connecting crowds to bring everyone closer together.

Host Account:
Create a Host Account for yourself. By doing so you can enhance any content you create, spread awareness to those following you, and increase engagement. As a Host you can not only enhance any occasion you are hosting but also be linked to other occasions you are involved in that utilize the platform. If you are a guest on a podcast or featured in someone's video, you can be linked to them. This increases awareness and organizes your social engagement.
Create a Channel for any hosted content you create like a show or vlog to establish a social hub for the community. This makes it easy to engage with your crowd, increasing connection, engagement, awareness, views, and merchandise sales.

Add Channel information including whatever you would like with endless customizability through our Rich-Text/HTML editor or by embedding webpages for the Channel and merchandise/ticketing. Add up to five Co-Hosts if necessary, to provide equal access to the Channel. From here, Crowd Members can search for and follow your Channel.

Channels can also be created for anything else you’re involved in. Those following your Host Account will automatically follow all of your Channels. This increases engagement and awareness while keeping everything organized.
Create Events for any content created pertaining to a Channel to enable engagement, provide robust information, and spread awareness. By doing so you create a social environment and allow your Crowd to stay on top of everything.

Each Event can be scheduled beforehand, during, or after the content has been released. Every Event has information including an image, location, date and time, and description. You can enable Event Q&A or Posts. Events can be made private with a defined pin so only a select group can participate.

Hosts can embed recorded video within any Event, record video to Dropbox, or broadcast a livestream on YouTube. Crowd Members can view the embedded video/livestream from the list of questions or posts as they engage.

Each Event can have additional information including whatever you would like with endless customizability through our Rich-Text/HTML editor or by embedding webpages for the content and merchandise/ticketing. This opens avenues to allow your Crowd to watch your content directly in the platform, purchase merchandise or tickets increasing sales, spotlight sponsors or resources, and much more. Event info can also be reposted to the feed as a feed announcement. This provides notice regarding the Event to your Crowd and allows them to also repost the feed announcement increasing the level of visibility.

Include anyone involved. Including them spreads awareness to their followers and enables them to be asked questions or tagged in posts organized within their own dedicated list. If they already have a CrowdUltra Host Account linked to the email address entered, they will be invited to accept the Event from their own list of Events. If they do not have an account, they will be sent an email with a link and login pin.

If your Crowd has yet to join CrowdUltra, they can join to engage in seconds using our Quick Join feature. A Quick Join Link and ID are provided for every Event that can be shared and used to sign up with. Members of the Crowd can also see who they follow that is following the Event as well to connect with them.
Event Posts:
Allow the Crowd to easily post, share, and connect surrounding the content. Our platform provides an engaging environment that sparks interaction YouTube comments, DMs, email, and other outlets lack. By creating an organized environment for your whole Crowd to engage, you increase the effectiveness of social engagement and connection surrounding the content.

Enable Event Posts before, during, after, or some combination of the three. Hosts can allow the Crowd to post audio, video, images, links, YouTube/Vimeo videos, or written posts. Posts can be published in anonymous format if allowed by the Host.

Posts augment the experience allowing the Crowd to share interesting things, be creative, have fun, as well as inform and help others. They also allow you to create competitions and open avenues to unique engagement ideas beyond a simple comment.

Event posts are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on Crowd voting. Every post can be responded to with audio, video, images, links, YouTube/Vimeo videos, or in written format. Posts can also be highlighted to spotlight to the Crowd as a whole, or dismissed and removed from the list.
Event Call-Ins / Meet & Greets:
Participate in Call-Ins or Meet & Greets with your Crowd.

Allow your Crowd to join an ordered queue or submit their conversation topic for you to pre-screen. Engage with one or more members of your Crowd through audio or video chat.

Once the conversation is over, remove them from the chat and automatically be linked with the next Crowd member in the queue or select the next interesting topic.

The audio or video chat can also be recorded to Dropbox or recorded and livestream broadcast to YouTube.
Q&A is proven to be one of the best ways to engage with your Crowd in a way that strengthens connection with them. While email, voicemail lines, and social media platforms like Twitter are often used for Q&A, they are all limited in comparison to CrowdUltra.

Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on Crowd voting to assist in showing you what the Crowd has the most curiosity about. This saves time along with providing a more organized and engaging environment for Q&A.

Questions can be asked before, during, after, or some combination of the three depending on your preference. This allows you to tailor your Q&A experience to what works best. You can field questions in advance to answer in the future, field questions to answer in real time, or field questions after it has been released.

Questions can be enabled to be asked in audio, video, written, and anonymous format. The Crowd can ask questions in general as well as to someone specific. Questions can be answered in audio, video, or written format and marked as answered if they were answered outside of the platform verbally.
Additional Features:
We provide many other additional features, including sending emails to all followers and exporting follower information. Hosts can send email announcements to all followers of a specific Channel or Event, allowing Hosts to easily reach out to all their followers in mass. Hosts can also export information about their followers including their name and email, so they can reach out beyond the platform.
Create a profile to showcase who you are with the most customizable profile experience any social platform has ever offered. Profiles can be created with endless possibilities using our Rich-Text/HTML Editor or by embedding a webpage. All crowd members can view and interact with your profile, strengthening your connection with them and increasing awareness about who you are.
Daily Feed:
The daily feed is designed to enhance engagement by enabling you to communicate in a powerful way and extend awareness. Unlike other social platforms, we give you access to 100% of your following instead of <1-10%. We do not advertise on our feed or have algorithms manipulating viewership and effectiveness.

Q&A sparks conversation and encourages the conversation to continue. Ask daily questions to your Crowd in audio, video, or written format. Answer questions from members of your Crowd in audio, video, or written format.

Send daily announcements to keep Crowd members in the loop and share content using our Rich-Text/HTML editor with countless embeddable integrations. Your announcements can be reposted by members of your Crowd to everyone following them, spreading organic awareness in a way that will increase your following.

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