CrowdUltra Q&A App

Conducting Q&A provides immense value, often being an essential part of many conferences, events, conventions, and podcasts.

The standard nature of getting in line or passing around a microphone to ask a question is less efficient and effective than using CrowdUltra. Other common outlets that are used like email, voicemail lines, social media platforms like Twitter, and Slido are also limited when compared to CrowdUltra.

See How CrowdUltra Q&A Works:

  • • Questions can be asked before a specific time, during, after, or some combination of the three depending on your preference.

  • • Questions can be enabled to be asked free on any web or mobile device in audio, video, written, and anonymous format. The Crowd can join to ask questions in seconds using our Quick Join feature.

  • • Questions can be asked in general as well as to a specific Host or Guest/Speaker.

  • • Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on Crowd voting to assist in showing what the Crowd has the most curiosity about. This saves time along with providing a more organized and engaging environment for Q&A.

  • • Questions can be answered in audio, video, or written format.

  • • Questions can be marked as answered if they were answered outside of the platform.

  • • Questions can be dismissed to remove the question from the list.

  • • Engage with one or more members of the Crowd through audio or video chat Q&A. Allow the Crowd to join an ordered queue or submit their conversation topic to pre-screen. Once the conversation is over, remove them from the chat and automatically be linked with the next Crowd member in the queue or select the next interesting topic. The audio or video chat can also be recorded to Dropbox or recorded and livestream broadcast to YouTube.

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