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Enhance Any Occasion On Campus & Connect Students Surrounding Any:

Speaking Events / Assemblies

Club Events & Extracurriculars

Sporting Events & Press Conferences

Fraternities & Sororities

Campus Experience Benefits:

Improve Engagement & Encourage Student Participation

Give students a platform to engage and socialize on. Establishing a social hub for your campus increases engagement surrounding all that’s going on. Augment every student’s experience on any device.

Allow Students To Stay Connected With Everything Occuring On Campus

It can be easy for students to lose track of everything happening on campus. Easily spread awareness, increase attendance, and allow your students to stay organized surrounding all that’s going on.

Allow Students To Share & Connect Surrounding Their Experiences

Allow users to post, share, and connect surrounding any occasion. By creating an organized environment that sparks interaction, you increase the effectiveness of social engagement and connection.

Enable Quality Q&A For Any
Occasion On Campus

Conducting Q&A provides immense value and is often an essential part of an occasion. The standard nature of getting in line or passing around a microphone to ask a question is less efficient and effective than using CrowdUltra. Other common outlets that are used like Slido are also limited when compared to CrowdUltra.

Increase Connection Between
Students & Speakers

The reason speakers are paid to speak on campus is to connect with the students in a valuable way. There are also countless explanations for students not engaging with speakers on campus. These include the fear of asking questions in front of peers, the perceived stigma from peers, not having enough time to connect with them, and questions not coming to mind until later on in the day.

Allow Students To Easily
Build New Friendships & Connections

Students can see who else is attending something, connect with someone they met during or after an occasion, and network with one another.

How CrowdUltra Works On Your Campus

Create A Host Account & Channels For Your Campus

Create a host account and profile to showcase your school. Profiles can be created with endless possibilities using our editor with embeddable integrations or by embedding a webpage.

Channels With Co-Hosts For Various Clubs & Occasions

Channels increase connection, engagement, awareness, and event attendance. Add additional Channel information including whatever you would like with endless customization through our editor or by embedding webpages for the Channel and ticketing/merchandise. Add up to five Co-Hosts if necessary, to provide equal access to the Channel.

Events For Every Occasion

Events enable organized engagement surrounding the specific occasion, establish an organized location to provide robust information, and allow the Crowd to stay on top of everything.

Each Event has information including an image, location, date and time, and description. You can enable Event Q&A or Posts. Include panelists, speakers, and guests involved in the Event. Events can be made private with a defined pin so only a select group can participate. For Events where attendees are mostly minors, this is a great option to ensure their safety.

Each Event can have additional information including whatever you would like through our editor or by embedding webpages for the Event and ticketing/merchandise. This allows your Crowd to download, listen, or watch content directly in the platform, purchase merchandise or tickets increasing sales, spotlight sponsors or resources, and much more.

If attendees have yet to join CrowdUltra, they can join to engage in seconds using our Quick Join feature.

Q&A & Posts

Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on Crowd voting to assist in showing the Host or moderator what the Crowd has the most curiosity about, saving time. The need for a moderator may be entirely eliminated by using CrowdUltra as well.

Questions can be allowed to be asked before, during, after, or some combination of the three. Questions can be asked and answered in audio, video, or written format. Hosts may also allow Questions to be asked anonymously. Questions can be asked in general as well as to a specific Host or Speaker. Questions can also be marked as answered if they were answered verbally during the Event or dismissed to take them off the list and hide them.

Enable Event Posts before, during, after, or some combination of the three. Hosts can allow the Crowd to post audio, video, images, links, YouTube/Vimeo videos, or written posts. Posts can be published in anonymous format if allowed by the Host. This augments the experience allowing the Crowd to share their experience, be creative, have fun, as well as inform and help others.

Event Posts are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on Crowd voting. Every post can be responded to by Hosts and Guests/Speakers. They can respond with audio, video, images, links, YouTube/Vimeo videos, or in written format. Posts can also be highlighted to spotlight to the Crowd as a whole or dismissed and removed from the list.

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