CrowdUltra High School/College Student Ambassador Program

Want To Get Paid To Lead A Social Revolution On Your Campus?

Join Our Empowered Student Body
By Becoming A Part Of Our Crowd Ambassador Program.

Make A 20% Commission For Life For The Entirety Of Every VIP Subscription
Linked To Your Promo Code (About $15 Per Year Per VIP Subscription).

Build Your Resume

Being a student ambassador provides immense long-term value. It has been proven with brands like Bumble to open up amazing opportunities. You are given the creative freedom to do incredible things that will impress future interviewers.

Build Your Network

Our network of student ambassadors is worldwide. No matter who you are, or what you are looking to pursue in life, having an extensive network is valuable. Being a Crowd Ambassador opens you up to our personal networks and the ambassador network.

Build Up Skills

Our program enables you to learn marketing, business, and planning skills that will give you an advantage down the road. By also being involved with a up-and-coming social platform, you will be exposed to the innerworkings of a rapidly growing startup.

What Crowd Ambassadors Do

Use & Improve The Platform

Crowd Ambassadors will use the platform daily to increase awareness as well as encourage friends and family to join. You will provide feedback you have and receive, which will make transformative improvements to the platform.

Spot Opportunities

Use your creative freedom and connect with your local community to enhance occasions, bringing everyone closer to their community. Promote the value of using CrowdUltra on campus and in your surrounding area.

Be The Face Of Our Platform

We take pride in our community of Crowd Ambassadors. Your platform usage and impact made being an ambassador will be showcased regularly. You will share CrowdUltra on campus, encouraging everyone to connect to their crowd.

Crowd Ambassador Benefits

Get Paid For Engaging

Get paid monthly and gradually increase your commission as you enhance your connection with your community.

Learn How A Social Platform Grows

You're given an incredible opportunity as a Crowd Ambassador to see how a social platform works. From marketing to product development, learn beneficial knowledge for the future.

Available As A Reference

We are available as a reference upon request at any point in the future. We will talk you up and show off the incredible individual you are.

Cultivate Important Relationships

Relationship building is one of the most important aspects of becoming a professional. Being an Ambassador, using our platform, and interacting with our team creates valuable relationships.

Personalized Recommendations

We will provide you with a personalized letter of recommendation and LinkedIn recommendation that will impress organizations you apply to in the future

Access To An Incredible Network

We connect you to other Crowd Ambassadors and people in our network. This will provide great assistance in finding future employment and gaining important knowledge.

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