Free Political Event App

Enhance Any Political Occasion

Enable Quality Q&A
Bringing You Closer To Citizens

CrowdUltra can be used to enable Q&A in an organized and engaging manner no matter the political occasion; whether it be a stop on your campaign, a town hall, or press conference.

Increase Your Connection
With Citizens

The whole basis of any political endeavour is to connect with citizens in a valuable way. CrowdUltra adds value by making it easier to connect before, during, and after any occasion.

Improve Engagement & Awareness
Surrounding Your Political Endeavors

There are countless reasons citizens choose not to engage with politicians. These include the fear of asking questions in front of a crowd, the perceived stigma of asking a question from peers, not having time to attend the event, and questions not coming to mind until the event is over.

How CrowdUltra Works For Political Events

Create A Host Account & Channel
For Your Political Endeavours

Create a Host Account and profile by linking a webpage or with our Rich-Text/HTML editor. Create a channel for any aspect of the political endeavour or organization. Add additional Channel information including whatever you would like with endless customization through our Rich-Text/HTML editor or by embedding webpages for the Channel and ticketing/donations. Include different people involved in organizing the occasions as Co-Hosts, so they are provided access to the Channel.

Create Events For
Various Aspects Of The Channel

Create Events for any occasion pertaining to the Channel. Provide robust information by including embedded webpages or using our Rich-Text/HTML Editor. Enable Q&A in audio, video, or written format before, during, after, or some combination of the three, and include multiple speakers/guests. Questions can also be asked anonymously.

Allow Citizens To
Easily Ask Questions

Citizens can stay up to date and informed. If they haven’t joined the platform yet, they can sign up to engage in seconds using our Quick Join feature. Participants can ask questions on any device as well as vote on questions to spotlight what they are most curious about.

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