Being A Host

Connect With Your Crowd & Bring Everyone Closer Together
While Enhancing Any Occasion You're Involved In.

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Create a Host Account to connect with your crowd, enhance any occasion you are involved in or be linked to other occasions, spread awareness, increase engagement, and showcase who you are with the most customizable profile experience any social platform has ever offered.

Daily Feed Features Include:
  • • The feed contains questions asked to you and Crowd answers to questions you pose.

  • • You can pose an audio, video, or written question to everyone following your Host account, Channels, and Events.

  • • Any Crowd Member who follows you can pose a question to you as well as up to nine other Hosts in audio, video, or written format.

  • • You can send an announcement to everyone following your Host account, Channels, and Events using our editor with embeddable integrations.

  • • Compose a message to a Crowd Member, send a message to any Host also answering a question, and respond to messages sent from Hosts and Crowd Members.

Channel & Event Features Include:
  • • Channels can be made for any in-person or virtual occasion including conferences and podcasts.

  • • Events can be created in advance, the day of, or even after it occurs, for one specific day or multiple days up to a week.

  • • Include multiple Guests/Speakers involved in the Event if applicable to spread awareness to their followers and enable them to engage.

  • • Enable Questions to be asked before, during, after, or some combination of the three on any web or mobile device in audio, video, or written format.

  • • Allow the Crowd to post audio, video, images, links, YouTube/Vimeo videos, or written Event Posts before, during, after, or some combination of the three.

  • • Participate in Call-Ins or Meet & Greets and engage with your Crowd through audio or video chat. Allow your Crowd to join an ordered queue or submit their conversation topic for you to pre-screen.

  • • Record video to Dropbox, broadcast a livestream on YouTube, or embed recorded video within any Event.

  • • Enable members of the Crowd to network and connect with other members of the Crowd.

  • • View Event analytics and participant information with the ability to download in Excel format.

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