CrowdUltra’s Award-Winning Conference Audience Interaction App Increases Attendee Engagement

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Engaging conference attendees is one of the most important aspects of any conference. Audience interaction is one of the biggest factors in fueling the conference experience and makes the occasion special. Regardless of the conference, there is immense value in utilizing CrowdUltra to improve audience engagement and the conference as a whole. CrowdUltra is the only free all-in-one event app, named’s Best Event App for two years in a row. See how CrowdUltra’s revolutionary event app enables conferences to perfectly tailor audience interaction and facilitate conference engagement.

Any conference can create a CrowdUltra Channel for their conference for free. CrowdUltra Channels establish an organized social hub for the conference to increase connection, engagement, awareness, and event attendance. Upon creating a Channel for the conference, Channel Events can then be made for various aspects of the conference such as panel Q&A’s, keynote speeches, fireside chats, and workshops. Events initiate organized engagement regarding the aspect of the conference, foster an organized location to provide robust information, and allow attendees to easily stay on top of everything.

Every Channel and Event has a chat for every crowd member, Host, and speaker/guest to communicate with one another through text message. Channel/Event chats establish organized communication regarding the specific Channel or Event, increasing engagement and strengthening connection while never getting in the way of Event or daily Feed engagement. Private group chats can also be created between crowd members for every Channel and Event, allowing for personalized communication among friends surrounding the Channel or Event.

Events for the conference can enable one of several different forms of Event Engagement. These include Event Q&A, Posts, Call-Ins, and Meet & Greets. The various audience interaction avenues allow conferences to increase attendee engagement regarding different aspects of the conference by tailoring the best form of organized engagement. Event Engagement can also not only be utilized for various aspects of conferences like panels, but also for better empowering exhibitors and sponsors of all types.

Conferences find immense value in conducting Q&A, often being an essential part of the occasion. The standard nature of asking a question by standing in line or passing a microphone around is far less effective and efficient than using CrowdUltra. Other commonly used outlets such as Slido are also limited in comparison to CrowdUltra.

CrowdUltra questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on Crowd voting, assisting in showing the Host or moderator what the Crowd has the most curiosity about to save time. A moderator for the Q&A may be entirely eliminated by using CrowdUltra as well. Questions can be enabled to be asked before, during, after, or some combination of the three. Questions can be asked and answered in audio, video, or written format on any device. Questions can be asked in general as well as to a specific Host or Speaker and Hosts can also allow Questions to be asked anonymously. Questions can also be marked as answered if they were answered verbally during the Event or dismissed to take them off the list and hide them.

Conferences can also enable attendees to easily post, share, and connect on any device surrounding the occasion through Event Posts on CrowdUltra. By facilitating organized engagement through posts, conferences can increase connection surrounding the occasion as well as the effectiveness of audience interaction. Any conference can augment the experience by allowing the Crowd to share their experience, be creative, have fun, as well as inform and help other. CrowdUltra Posts are far more organized and effective than social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Conference Hosts can enable Event Posts before, during, after, or some combination of the three. They can allow the Crowd to post audio, video, images, links, YouTube/Vimeo videos, or written posts. Anonymous Posts can also be published if allowed by the Host. Event Posts are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on Crowd voting. Every post can be responded to by Hosts and Guests/Speakers. They can respond with audio, video, images, links, YouTube/Vimeo videos, or in written format. Posts can also be highlighted to spotlight to the Crowd as a whole or dismissed and removed from the list.

Conference planners, talent, or sponsors/exhibitors can also engage in Event Call-Ins or Meet & Greets with attendees. Attendees can be enabled to either join an ordered queue or submit their conversation topic to pre-screen. One or more attendees can then interact through audio or video chat. Once the conversation is over, those hosting the Call-In/Meet & Greet can remove attendees from the chat and automatically be linked with the next audience member in the queue or select the next interesting topic. The audio or video chat can also be recorded to Dropbox or recorded and livestream broadcast to YouTube.

Those hosting and a part of a conference can also engage with attendees in multiple ways throughout the year via CrowdUltra’s daily feed. Their daily feed is designed to enhance engagement by sparking communication in an effective way and extending awareness. Unlike other social platforms, CrowdUltra provides access to every follower instead of less than one to ten percent, does not advertise on their daily feed, or use algorithms to manipulate effectiveness and reach.

Hosts can ask daily questions to their Crowd in audio, video, or written format as well as answer questions from members of their Crowd. They can also send daily announcements to keep Crowd members in the loop and share content using CrowdUltra’s Rich-Text/HTML editor with countless embeddable integrations. Event info can also be reposted to the CrowdUltra daily feed as a feed announcement. Announcements can then be reposted by members of your Crowd to everyone following them as well.

CrowdUltra is a feature-rich all-in-one event app, offering far too much functionality to discuss. Those interested in learning more can do so by clicking here. Conferences can sign up for CrowdUltra free here.