Kast Media Named CrowdUltra Awards Top 5 Podcast Network

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Kast Media has been named one of the top five podcast networks of 2022 by the CrowdUltra Awards. Kast Media is described as “With over 13 million reach across our slate of shows, we’re one of the fastest growing and most exciting podcast networks and publishers in podcasting. Our shows span many genres, and we are a leader in both audio only and video simulcast podcasting.”

Since CrowdUltra is focused on connecting crowds to bring everyone closer together, they’ve formed the CrowdUltra Awards to celebrate the best of all things with a crowd. For those who don’t know, CrowdUltra is part free all-in-one event and audience interaction app, part ticketing platform, and part social network. The CrowdUltra Awards features over 100 categories among segments they provide value to including events, podcasting, event talent, and event planning.

After receiving over a thousand nominations, they narrowed down the top five podcast network nominees and Kast Media stood out for the quality of their work in a way that should be celebrated. Those selected were determined by a mix of submitted nominations along with our expert panel’s assessment on a multitude of considerations including quality, community, and uniqueness. The winner of the CrowdUltra Award for the best podcast network of 2022 will be announced January 2nd. Those interested can stay tuned by visiting https://www.CrowdUltra.com/news and following CrowdUltra News on Twitter. Learn more about how CrowdUltra can enhance any podcast and increase connection among the community here.