Comedy Fans Need To Check Out Ryan Shaner’s "The End" Podcast

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Ryan Shaner has recently launched his new podcast, "The End", which is quickly gaining popularity among comedy fans. For those who don’t know, Ryan Shaner had been hosting a comedy podcast for years entitled YFI. Unfortunately, his co-host Brian Six allegedly stole over $10,000.00 in Patreon earnings from Ryan, along with stealing another $2,900.00 from their producer Danny Dubz. In this article, we'll explore what "The End" is all about and why comedy fans should add it to their podcast playlist.

"The End" is a comedy podcast that features Shaner's unique brand of absurd humor and silly commentary. Ryan and a guest discuss various topics such as movies, music, pro wrestling, current events, sports, sex, and personal stories. Shaner has a natural talent for making the guests feel comfortable, leading to engaging and entertaining conversations that offer an enjoyable listening experience.

Another recurring theme in "The End" is Shaner's sobriety and old drinking days, which he often discusses with his guests. He's open and honest about his struggles with addiction and how they've shaped his life and career. This vulnerability and honesty adds a layer of depth to the podcast that's both refreshing and touching. Shaner's journey towards sobriety is also an inspiration to many, and should be acknowledged with appreciation.

Towards the end of each episode, Shaner also incorporates audience participation. Ryan and his guest take some audience voicemails, adding a unique element to the podcast. The voicemails give listeners an opportunity to ask questions or share their own stories. This makes every episode feel like a collaborative effort between Shaner, his guests, and his audience. Those interested can call +1(833)443-5300.

Overall, "The End" is a must-listen for comedy fans. Shaner's humor and charm, coupled with the engaging and entertaining format of the show, make for a podcast that is sure to become a favorite of comedy fans everywhere. So grab a drink or smoke a bowl (or not, if you're following in Shaner's sober footsteps), sit back, and enjoy the ride that is "The End." You won't be disappointed.

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