Ticketing Instructions:

Learn how to create, sell, and scan tickets on CrowdUltra.

Ticketing Instructions

  1. Determine if you are selling tickets for all Channel Events or one specific Event.
  2. While creating or editing the Channel or Event select whether it is a virtual/PPV ticket, in-person ticketing, or both.
  3. Click on the ticket icon and add the ticket information.
  4. One virtual ticket and up to five in-person ticket types can be created.
  5. Every ticket has a name, description, and cost. In-person tickets must also have a specific overall available quantity and quantity allowed per attendee.
  6. Finally the ticket sales start and end dates and times must be entered. For a virtual event, the sales date and time can be set to unlimited. For In-Person tickets, the Ticket Sales End Date cannot be after the Event End Date.
  7. Ticket information can be edited until a ticket has been purchased. Once a ticket been purchased, only the ticket description can be edited.
  8. If ticketing has been created for a Channel, you must select which Channel tickets apply to every Event that is created for that Channel.
  9. Ticket sales information is displayed on the Channel or Event info page as well as the ticket report.
  10. Go to my payouts to initiate sold ticket payouts.

Scanning Instructions

  1. Access the Ticket Scan link through the ticketing or Channel/Event information page. This URL can be shared with anyone who will scan tickets.
  2. Tickets can be scanned using any device’s camera, a dedicated QR scanner, or manually entered.
  3. Scan the Ticket’s QR code or enter the Ticket ID and Scan ID.
  4. Upon scanning a ticket you will be informed if the ticket was successfully scanned, unsuccessfully scanned, or already scanned. You will receive ticket details providing the necessary information regarding the ticket. This information is also displayed on a list of all tickets you have scanned.