CrowdUltra Pricing

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The average price for other event apps is $1,800 to $15,000 per occasion. We are the only FREE all-in-one event app that is affordable on any budget.

  • • Create A Host Profile, Channels, and Engage on the Daily Feed for FREE
  • • Create VIP and Ticketed Events with full platform functionality for FREE
  • • Create Events Without Event Engagement and VIP or Ticketing for FREE
  • • Create Events With Event Engagement Without VIP or Ticketing for as low as $5.00 per event

Ticket Sales & Payout Fees

We have the lowest fees and payout rates for both buyers and sellers.

  • • We charge a 3% + $1.50 per ticket surcharge passed on to the buyer. In comparison, our most affordable competitor Eventbrite charges 6% + $1.59.
  • • Our payout fee is a simple $1.49 for each payout whenever you choose.
  • • All purchasing and payout financial information is secured via Braintree and PayPal third-party services. We never store any sensitive financial information.

VIP Event Revenue Share & Payout Fees

Create Exclusive VIP Events accessible only to paid CrowdUltra VIP Members and make monthly income off every VIP Member subscription. Rather than having to subscribe to every individual Host like Patreon or OnlyFans, our single VIP membership provides members access to every VIP Event from every Host on the platform like Netflix.

  • • The cost of a monthly CrowdUltra VIP Membership is $7.50 (one and a half average Patreon memberships). The membership fee is shared between those hosting the VIP Events the member engages with.
  • • The more VIP Events you host, the more revenue you make. The more people creating VIP Events, the more VIP Members likely to discover and participate in your VIP Events.
  • • $2.50 of the membership fee covers the credit card processing and platform costs.
  • • The remaining $5.00 is left for those hosting the VIP events the VIP member engaged in that month to split, based on the number of events each VIP Member participated in from them.
  • • We have far lower payout rates compared to Patreon, at only $1.00 per monthly payout.
  • • All purchasing and payout financial information is secured via Braintree and PayPal third-party services. We never store any sensitive financial information.

Events With Event Engagement
Without VIP Or Ticketing Pricing

Below are the pricing options for Events with Q&A/Posts enabled. Events may be ordered individually, by the week, or by monthly subscription.

If you host a couple Events a month, then Single Event is the best option.

If you host more than two Events a week, then a Monthly Subscription is more economical. A single Monthly Subscription can be used for all of a Host's Channels and Events. No other purchase is necessary.

The One Week - Unlimited option is offered for gatherings like conferences, conventions, or festivals where there may be multiple Events in a few days but only occasionally.

Participants reflect the number of Crowd Members who follow your Event on CrowdUltra, not the total number of attendees or listeners of the occasion. Monthly Subscription Participant levels may be adjusted at any time.

Event Participants
Order Type1 - 250251 - 500501 - 10001001 - 50005001 - 1000010001+
Monthly Subscription    $35/mn   $70/mn   $175/mn   $350/mn   $700/mn   $1,400/mn   
One Week - Unlimited    $50 ea   $100 ea   $250 ea   $500 ea   $1,000 ea   $2,000 ea   
Single Event    $5 ea   $10 ea   $25 ea   $50 ea   $100 ea   $200 ea   

Feed Pricing

CrowdUltra offers a free monthly allowance of 30 questions and 15 announcements. Additional feed questions and announcements may be ordered if you exceed this limit. Questions and announcements may be ordered individually, or via the Unlimited Monthly VIP subscription.

Below are the pricing options for additional feed questions, announcements, and the Unlimited VIP Subscription.

Additional Feed Activity Pricing
Single Feed Question   $0.99 each
Single Feed Announcement $0.99 each
VIP Unlimited Subscription $9.99 per month